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Hotel Management Software

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Restaurant Inventory Management Software

To manage restaurant stock  owners may  require simple and efficient restaurant software. The more efficient your overall inventory system is the smoother your food production process will be; the more customers you will be able to serve in the same period of time, and the quicker you will be able to replace the supplies used so that more food can be prepared and more customers served. The end result, of course, is that by the most effective use of your restaurant's inventory management, the higher your restaurant profitability will be, and in this economy, that is definitely something to cheer about. 

Minimise Inventory, Maximise Profitability with Ikonnect which  provides Inventory controlas one of its key features. Managing inventory or large number of items is a critical requirement of any retail business. This easy inventory  management software provides many  ways of managing , tracking and correcting your stock. With this software you can regularly track and correct your ph…

Restaurant Accounting System

Time were every industry wants to calculate their business process in an easy way. Ikonnect Restaurant Accounting Software makes it smooth for the restaurateur to manipulate his own restaurant commercial enterprise. In the antique days, restaurateurs lease an accountant to control the accounting techniques for his restaurant, which means analyzing, submitting, and studying all of the receipts of sales, prices, and earnings made via the commercial enterprise. With this process the possibility of mistakes within the computation manner is better than using the automatic manner that a eating place software program application brings.
Advantages of having restaurant Accounting software

    IkonnectRestaurant accounting software makes it smooth for the restaurateur to check if he's gaining or dropping in his enterprise inside the shortest feasible time. Because the generation now is very effective to apply inside the commercial enterprise, it's miles suitable to evolve to those change…

Stock management System

So frequently when we speak to stores who're suffering to manage and manipulate their retail inventory. The troubles they're having with stock are typically Damage, Theft, Inability to find where the stock is in the store or warehouse, Unreliable stock level data, So what is the solution? The answer is the right inventory management software combined with disciplined strategies.  Stock management software has established priceless for corporations striving for more manipulate over their commercial enterprise and profitability. This software can assist by using taking care of some of the operational challenges that hold enterprise owners from that specialize in their authentic business, along with warehousing and logistical challenges and controlling stock. Organizations can establish stronger methods of accounting for all the stock motion inside and among their centers through the usage of the stock control packages. The supply chain runs more efficiently, orders are processed …

Asset management software for restaurants

Asset management Softwareis a unique package utilised for automating and streamlining the different stock procedures and dealing with the fixed assets of an association in a faster and simpler way. With businesses developing at a fast pace, the requirement for asset management software has grown. The software enables the organisation to represent and execute changes in stock. By keeping exact records of the progressions to its stock, an association can settle on better decisions in buying and keep up the benefits basic to its daily operations.
Asset management softwareoffers a customisation and easy solution for any settled or advanced asset tracking process. This software is mainly used to catalog and produce reports on an organisation's physical inventory, including work areas, seats, and other hardware. Associations will have the capacity to minimise the cost of purchasing redundant equipment with the aid of asset management software. Moreover, asset management software helps i…

Restaurant Billing Software

Billing is one of the important origin of revenues, and it is the most crucial part of the restaurant business. Hence, utmost care must be taken to guard against billing disasters at restaurants. Presenting wrong bills to customers can damage your restaurant’s reputation. Find out what to do in case of such a situation here. Luckily, here is an easy hack to avoid such billing disasters –ikonnect restaurant billing software  module not only automates the process and also helps you to minimize billing such as inaccurate calculation, missed entries, deletion of registries, theft etc and helps to improve customer experience and helps to build more customers.

Our billing software is integrated with an efficient kitchen display system to improve the responding time. This KDS works on a simplified mechanism that works on a simplified mechanism that works with your restaurant Point of Sale System (POS).Hence our updated GST restaurant Billing Software is integrated with the POS and the Supply…

Restaurant Management Software

A part of implementing a thriving restaurant is controlling your expenditures and stock. However, the chaotic existence of a restaurant holder or manager doesn't always provide itself to running reports and filing official procedures. Placing money in restaurant management software is one of the finest measures in shorten your filing system and following everything from menu sales to salaries.You will find manyrestaurant management software products available.          Some act as a POS (Point of Sale) while others incorporate the complete accounting module into one system software product. ikonnect restaurant Management softwareproducts incorporate profit and loss statements, cash circulation analysis and routine savings as one, user friendly program. Although most restaurant management software products doesn't come in low price package deal, it can save absolutely sure certainly be a long time cost savings of both time and money. A Complete restaurant management will incr…