Restaurant Software

To maintain a flourishing restaurant business you need to have your basics right - good location, outstanding food preparation, and serving customers with a smile. But what most restaurant owners don't consider is restaurant software or the POS system used. This can make a huge difference in how your business operates.Restaurant software programs will help you with almost every aspect of running your restaurant point of sale very easy and much more effective and fast.

ikonnect-Restaurant Software is affordable for any kind of food service  business, which include fine/casual dinner, bars/nightclubs, pizza businesses and quick service businessesIn spite of the fact that equipment hardware like screens, PCs or the printers are obviously essential, the POS system is the focal point of operations of the entire setup. Thus , a careful analysis is extremely essential before you select the best POS system. ikonnect - POS software package a solution which automates almost all of the money related tasks of the restaurant. Some of the common tasks with this software includes order retrieval from guests, creating bills, keeping other accounts and financial matters related to the personnel of the restaurant.

           Generally the number of computers with this software is determined by the size of a restaurant. A tiny restaurant can do with a single installation of POS software. Bigger restaurants generally desire a much larger amount of computers equipped with POS software packages. The role of POS software in overall guest satisfaction is monumental. You must therefore make sure that POS software is user-friendly and easy to use.
We know that you have a lot occurring with your business therefore you don't have time to worry about things like; seating, table availability and booking reservations. Do not let it bother you. ikonnect-restaurantsoftware can help you take care of everything with ease. Our restaurant software program include
Menu Costing
Exact recipe charging can set you on the fast lane to success. With the right statistics, you may easily identify your most profitable menu items as well as items that aren't as cost-effective. Ikonnect Software  assists you to stand back and and acquire a  speedwell read of your operations.

Booking and Table Management
Booking software can help you gather reservations more skillfully, recognize VIPs & consumers, find their favorites, take customer contact information, and more. It can be helpful so that you can maximize table management and make your guest management.
Ordering and buying
Ikonnect restaurant software enables you to make more efficient placing your orde  and purchasing process so as to give attention to revenue-generating activities.

 Ikonnect- restaurant software provides you with the tools you may need to observe and measure your expenditures. and provide your customers with the best. With well incorporation of POS, one can Simply track each rupee you pay, from payroll to paid outs for workplace. This could facilitate decrease the unneeded disbursement. Restaurant Management System also hold servers servers responsible for all the sales, scaling down on employee theft.For more information about Restaurant software visit us at