Restaurant Billing Software

Billing is one of the important origin of revenues, and it is the most crucial part of the restaurant business. Hence, utmost care must be taken to guard against billing disasters at restaurants. Presenting wrong bills to customers can damage your restaurant’s reputation. Find out what to do in case of such a situation here. Luckily, here is an easy hack to avoid such billing disasters –ikonnect restaurant billing software  module not only automates the process and also helps you to minimize billing such as inaccurate calculation, missed entries, deletion of registries, theft etc and helps to improve customer experience and helps to build more customers.

Our billing software is integrated with an efficient kitchen display system to improve the responding time. This KDS works on a simplified mechanism that works on a simplified mechanism that works with your restaurant Point of Sale System (POS).Hence our updated GST restaurant Billing Software is integrated with the POS and the Supply Chain Management of our Software System. It also helps you in receiving real time notifications of every order being processed in your kitchen and also notifies the food servers when an order is ready to be served, thus saves the time for food servers. Ikonnect restaurant billing software automates the process and aids in producing bills to customers after finishing their dining. It generates bills as per the data fed in the kitchen order Ticket(KOT) which thereby helps in eliminating the risks of wrong bill generation.

            Ikonnect being one of the leading billing software in India provides a Restaurant Billing Software which is a smart billing system that handles the task of applying correct price to the item very efficiently. It will consider all specification and current date time. For example customer for whom bill is being made, the retail outlet from where bill is being made, current date and time for currently active promotions, inspection of different items from the bill to apply appropriate promotions. When an operator adds any item into an invoice, correct price and promotions are assured to be applied automatically by ikonnect which is the main aspect of any billing software. The flexibility of scaling and upgrading of your software as well as hardware makes ikonnect a smart choice for billing and inventory management for small business.